EverGuard® TPO for New Zealand

A great advantage of GAF EverGuard TPO roof membranes over other membranes types such an EPDM rubber or bitumen torch is the weldability of TPO. Traditionally the weakest part of flat roof membranes systems are the system junctions and these are usually the first parts to break down and leak. GAF EverGuard TPO overcomes this weakness with a welding system that is so strong, that when under test the product itself will tear apart before the weld fails. Not only that, but the membrane sheet is reinforced with a fibre core giving EverGuard structural integrity that resists movement over time, providing a lasting result. It really is no surprise the industry is moving toward this superior flat roofing technology.

UV resistance

2.5 times the industry standard UV resistance

Heat-welded seams

Provide greater strength


Rated for Extra high wind zones for NZ

Up to 30 Year

Warranty With
Extreme TPO

Puncture Resistance

Laboratory tested

EverGuard® TPO Key Features

∎ Energy Saving – Much cooler roof being light gray coloured, making it a cooler option than torch and EPDM Rubber. Solar reflectivity lowers cost of air-conditioning and reduces thermal expansion and contraction.

∎ Stronger Joints – Joins are up to 4x stronger than other membranes as joints and laps are traditionally the weakest part of a membrane roof however, TPO uses welding technology to create a seam stronger then the membrane itself.

∎ Warranties – 20, 25 and 30 year warranties coming 3 different weights 45mil, 60mil and 80mil.

∎ Faster – Much faster to install than EPDM butyl or torch membranes.

∎ Consistent Robotically wielded seam welded on site for a perfect weld every time greatly reducing the chance or failures from improper application or contractor error.

∎ Safe – Zero fire hazard during construction unlike torch membranes that are a construction insurance issue along with worker safety and project security.

∎ Water collection – Potable drinking water collection for use in pools or consumption.

∎ Wide rolls – 66% less joins achieved by 3m wide rolls compared with 1m rolls of torch.

∎ Easier to install – Full accessories available for every detail and corner including penetrations.

∎ Option – Bonded Fleece back option.

∎ Odorless – No odor during or after installation.

∎ UV Resistance – Excellent industry leading long-term heat and UV resistance.

∎ Reinforced – mesh layer in the core of the membrane making TPO puncher resistant and less likely to travel or move over the life of the roof.

∎ Easy to repair – Can be altered and welded after installation.

∎ Strong wind – uplift rating with a fully adhered installation.

∎ Incredible smooth – clean finish and look consistently pleases customers.

∎ USA manufactured – by North Americas largest roofing manufacture GAF.

NSF/ANSI 347:  Providing architects and contractors with a certified sustainable option for single-ply roofing membranes.

EPDs:  Publishes Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for Single-Ply Roofing Membranes.

Everguard® TPO range and performance expectation

Everguard 60 mil, 1.5 mm fleece back in ‘grey’ colouration, is the natural choice for concrete substrates and in many cases for reroofing over old or failing membrane systems. The addition of the factory bonded fleece backing to the underside of Everguard TPO, not only provides excellent adhesion, but also helps smooth out many imperfections that the concrete substrate may present. It also provides a barrier for applications whereby Everguard may come in contact with a material not directly compatible with TPO, such as overlaying an existing granular torch-on membrane. The choice of installing Everguard fleece back, allows for high performance and durable flexibility, when faced with a perplexing substrate.

Everguard 60 mil 1.5 mm smooth, in ‘grey’ colouration is our most popular TPO product here in New Zealand, with extensive applications on both residential and commercial buildings since first arriving here in 2011.

Typically installed over a plywood substrate and bonded with traditional GAF bonding adhesive 1121, or our newly introduced GAF – Quick Spray adhesive system, making Everguard grey the superior choice for roofing, decking and or gutters, or for that unique application.

This is our most cost effective TPO membrane and a superior choice when compared to any comparable TPO product on the market today. Such that Everguard TPO is the most highly respected membrane in its class globally and without sacrificing any performance expectation.

When one requires a membrane with extended performance; a longer service life and warranty;  Everguard Extreme 60 mil 1.5 mm in ‘white’ can meet these expectations. Whether you have an internal gutter system that has limited access after installation, or you require a membrane that will stand up to the added heat values from solar intensity;  Everguard Extreme has been specifically engineered to out-perform under intense solar heat loading and UV, and has proven to outlast every competitor under independent accelerated age testing.

Truly a fantastic membrane, capable of reflecting intense solar energy for a cooler building, with lowering air-conditioning costs, while increasing the membranes service life. Lower energy costs, coupled with longer product life-cycling, all contributing to less maintenance and extended longevity. Herein, making Everguard Extreme, a superior and naturally  greener choice of membrane, in a class of its own.

Now for the gold standard in TPO membranes.  Everguard Extreme – 80 mil in ‘white’ is GAF’s top of the line product, at 2.0 mm thickness. Engineered with all of the advance technology of our standard Everguard – Extreme 80 mil provides for all of the benefits and performance expectations of standard, while increasing the service life and warranty respectively and well beyond most membrane’s on offer.

Everguard Extreme 80 mil, is more suited to those long life applications, commercial factory roofs and gutters and those areas that are difficult to service or access. Engineered to endure intense solar exposure, whereby ordinary membranes may over temp and age prematurely.

For environmentally focused applications, Everguard Extreme can reduce naturally the operational energy costs, simply by reducing the air-conditioning – energy component.  Secondly, with Extreme 80 the longevity expectation of this superior roofing system, can reduce significantly the need for early reroofing during the life cycle of any given building.  In addition, note – Redlist Free Everguard systems are available.

Suitable Substrates and Application

Everguard has been specifically designed by GAF to be installed over concrete substrates, using Everguard Fleece-back TPO and WB181 water based bonding adhesive.  Together, providing for a flexible and secure solution for those applications requiring a waterproofing membrane over a concrete substrate. Note, concrete substrates should comply with the prestart checklist, before installation of Everguard TPO.

The most common substrate for TPO in New Zealand is plywood – generally 17 mil or 19 mil and is typically used for roofs, decking and gutter applications. Smooth TPO is installed as either Everguard standard, or Everguard Extreme variants and as specified.  Plywood as a substrate lends itself nicely to a wide variety of shapes, angles and even curves, with the inherent flexibility of TPO allowing for easy installation over such complex design elements. Plywood substrates should also comply with the prestart checklist, before installation of Everguard TPO.

PIR or ISO insulation board, is a native substrate for GAF Everguard TPO membrane and is often produced in the same GAF plants as TPO. This type of board can provide for various grades of insulation, together with custom gradient solutions for flat roofs. GAF are a large supplier of PIR, ISO board and have a wide range of products including various coverboard offerings complimentary to TPO.

Re-roofing, or over-laying existing roofs, decking and or gutters can be achieved with selected Everguard TPO products.  Each installation will naturally depend on the existing membrane, aging and condition. Please consult GAF technical support, or arrange for a Specialist Roofing Contractor to site visit and assess the buildings requirements.

Proven Performance and Great Value

When you require great performance in a value-priced TPO roofing system, look no further than classic EverGuard® TPO. It’s perfect for new construction or re-roofing where superior performance is required at a cost-effective price. It features the same great performance that all EverGuard® products offer—exceptional seam strength and puncture resistance, superior long-term weathering, and easy installation—for maximum reliability.

Advanced Protection

There are many choices for TPO membranes. Only EverGuard Extreme® TPO offers superior performance over “standard” TPO membranes and the industry’s best guarantee: up to 30 years for 80-Mil! Specifically, this patent-pending technology delivers next-generation performance against heat aging and UV degradation (the two key performance characteristics directly related to roof system longevity),and also exceeds all key ASTM standards for TPO membranes.

EverGuard® TPO application videos

Seam Welding

Welded TPO joints are typically stronger than the reinforce membrane itself.

T-Joint Patch

A complete range of TPO accessories to finish any situation or detail on the roof

EverGuard® TPO Photos

GAF EverGuard was first installed in New Zealand is 2009 and installed around the Pacific on residential homes and apartment building complexes, large commercial buildings including multi-level offices and factories, also hangars and international airport control towers and many more.

BRANZ Appraised for New Zealand’s harshest environments.

While GAF EverGuard® TPO have UL and ASTM international certification, they have also been BRANZ Appraised for New Zealand specifically.  BRANZ are the leading major Appraisal company in New Zealand and are highly respected by industry Professionals and Territorial Authorities alike.

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