EverGuard® TPO Accessories TPO Roofing Components

The GAF EverGuard® TPO single-ply roofing system includes an extensive line of EverGuard® TPO flashing accessories for use with EverGuard® TPO roofing systems. EverGuard® flashing accessories are heat welded to the EverGuard® roofing membrane. They are easy to install and provide secure protection from roof edge to parapet to penetration to wall. The following EverGuard® TPO flashing accessories are available grey unless otherwise noted.

EverGuard® TPO Quick Spray Adhesive

Sprayable solvent based contact adhesive, useful for bonding smooth TPO membranes to various substrates

Preformed Vent Boots
  • Description – 75 mil molded membrane
  • Benefit/Application – One standard size accommodates most common pipes and conduits boots can not be used Supplied with stainless steel clamping rings
  • Quantity/Size – Fits 25mm – 152mm (1” – 6”) diameter pipes, 6 Boots per carton
  • Weight – 4.5kg per carton
vent boot universal

Preformed Corners
  • Description – 60 mil thick molded membrane
  • Benefit/Application – Universal style corner accommodates both inside and outside corners of base and curb flashings
  • Quantity/Size – 102mm x 102mm with 152mm flange ( 4 x 4” x 6”) 20 Corners per carton
  • Weight – 3kg /carton

Preformed Split Pipe Boots
  • Description – Boots are fabricated from 45 mil thick reinforced TPO membranes
  • Benefit/Application – Three standard sizes are split to accommodate most common pipes and conduits
  • Quantity/Size – 6 Boots/carton. Stock Sizes  25mm-50mm, 76mm-127mm, 152mm-203mm. Special order Size  228mm-280mm
  • Weight – 4kg per carton, 5.5kg per carton
TPO roofing split pipe boot

Coated Aluminium Sheets
  • Description – 24 gauge steel with a 25 mil thick membrane film. Light gray colour
  • Benefit/Application
    TPO membrane is laminated to Aluminium sheet
    Cuts and forms like standard sheet metal
    Field and flashing TPO membrane heat welds directly to coated metal
    For metal gravel stop and drip edges, metal base and curb flashing, sealant pans and scupper sleeves
  • Quantity/Size – 102mm x 3m sheets. 10 or 30 sheets per pallet
  • Weight – 24kg (47 lbs) /sheet
tpo coated metal sheet

UN-55 T-Joint Cover Patches
  • Description – 55 mil thick unreinforced membrane
  • Benefit/Application – Conforming membrane seal for use over T-Joints in 60 and 80 mil membrane applications
  • Quantity/Size – 100 patches per box
  • Weight – 4.5kg

SBA 1121 Bonding Adhesive
  • Weight 16.8 kg pail
  • Coverage rate 6.8 – 8.2 L/10m²
  • VOC Level (G/L)  <611 g/L
  • Flash point (COC) 0°F (-18°C)
  • Viscosity 2,300 – 2,700 cps
  • Base Synthetic polymer
  • Solvent Hydrocarbon blend
  • Shelf life 15 months, unopened
  • Open time Up to 60 minutes
  • Dry time 5 – 15 minutes
  • Application Roller, brush, or spray
  • Storage 60°F – 80°F and protected from precipitation, moisture, sunlight, and extreme temperatures
  • Installation temperature 40°F and rising
  • Pail 5-gallons / 18.9L
TPO bonding adhesive No1121

EverGuard ® TPO Fluted Corner
  • Description – 203mm (8”) diameter nominal 50 mil non-reinforced TPO membrane
  • Benefit/Application – For use in flashing outside corners of base and curb flashings
  • Quantity/Size – 20 corners/carton
  • Weight – 1.5kg /carton
Fluted corner

Pourable Sealer Pocket
  • Description – Pourable Sealer Pocket is molded with TPO compound to a nominal 70 mil thickness. White colour.
  • Benefit/Application – Provides a structural foundation for application of EverGuard® Pourable Sealant with primer or a non-shrinking grout. Lower cost than coated metal fabricated pockets. Ideal for waterproofing irregular shaped roof penetrations
  • Quantity/Size – 6 Pockets per carton. 229x152mm x 102mm with 76mm base flange.
  • Weight – 3.25kg /carton
TPO Pourable pocket penetration anchor sealer

Corner Curb Wraps
  • Description – Corners are fabricated from 45 mil thick rein-forced TPO membrane
  • Benefit/Application – Four Standard sizes to flash curbs that are 610mm, 915mm, 1220mm, 1525mm in size.
  • Quantity/Size – 4 Curb Wraps/carton. Stock Sizes are: 343mm, 495mm, 648mm, 800mm. Special order sizes: 190mm, 952mm
  • Weight – 2.8kg  /carton. 3.7kg  /carton. 10.3kg /carton. 6.3kg  /carton
TPO Outside Corner

TPO 45 mil Utility Flashing Strip
  • Description – 45 mil thick reinforced membrane. Light gray colour
  • Benefit/Application – Use for stripping in coated metal flanges
  • Quantity/Size – 203mm x 30m roll
  • Weight – 18 lbs/roll
45-Mil detailing membrane

Preformed Expansion Joint Covers
  • Description – 60 mil thick reinforced TPO membrane. White colour.
  • Benefit/Application – 5 standard sizes to accommodate most applications. Two convenient styles available to accommodate both Roof-to-Roof and Roof-to-Wall applications.
  • Quantity/Size – 102mm, 152mm, 203mm, 254mm, 305mm Bellows. 15m rolls
  • Weight – Ranges from 25-32kg
TPO expansion joint

Cut Edge Sealant
  • Description – Solvent-based liquid sealant. Clear
  • Benefit/Application – Sealant provided in squeeze-bottle for use sealing all cut reinforced edges
  • Quantity/Size – 560ml (1 pint) bottle. 12 bottles/carton. 100 lineal feet per pint @ 1/8” diameter bead
  • Weight – 12kg/carton

Walkway Rolls
  • Description – 125 mil extruded and embossed TPO. Gray Only
  • Benefit/Application – Herringbone traction surfacing in gray color. Available in rolls. Heat welds directly to membrane or installed with seam tape
  • Quantity/Size – 760mm x 15m (30” x 50’)
  • Weight – 59kg (118 lbs) /roll
tpo walkway roll

UN-55 Detailing Membrane
  • Description – 55 mil thick unreinforced membrane, Light gray colour
  • Benefit/Application – Alternative flashing/reinforcement material for penetrations and corners. Required wherever preformed vent\boots cannot be used
  • Quantity/Size – 610mm x 15m (24” x 50’) roll
  • Weight – 14kg (28 lbs) /roll
UN-55 tpo detailing membrane

Inside Corners
  • Description – Inside Corners are formed using unreinforced membrane to a nominal 50 mil thickness
  • Benefit/Application – Manufactured to accommodate inside corners of base and curb flashings. Designed for ease of welding in tight areas
  • Quantity/Size – 20 Corners per carton 152x152mm x 133mm
  • Weight – 1.75kg /carton
TPO prefabricated inside corner

  • Description – Manufactured out of reinforced 45 mil TPO membrane and galvanized steel. White colour.
  • Benefit/Application – For use in venting low slope mechanically attached roofs. Limited to one-way flow to avoid moisture buildup within the roofing structure and material
  • Quantity/Size – 2 Vents per carton
  • Weight – 6kg /carton
TPO vent box

TPO Color Membranes

Colours may be available on special order
Light grey is our most commonly stocked colour in New Zealand

  • Description  – Manufactured from 45, 60 and 80 mil reinforced membrane in Regal Blue, Hartford Green and Regal Red
  • Benefit/Application – Great for roofs that are accessible or visible to building occupants. Custom colors can complement traditional shingle installations. A low cost alternative to metal roofing when used with color matching standing seam profiles
  • Quantity/Size – 1.5m x 30m and 3m x 30m  roll sizes (5’ x 100’ and 10’ x 100). Detail membranes in 610mm x 1270mm rolls(24” x 50”). Flashing membranes in 203mm x 30m rolls (8” by 100’)
  • Weight – Various by membrane type, length/width and thickness


1. Mass and dimensions stated are nominal unless otherwise indicated.

2. Store accessory flashing materials in original carton, rolls, or sheets on pallets or shelving in a dry area.

3. Accessory stocks should be rotated in a first-in, first-out manner.

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