Government Departments, Architects and Trade Professionals alike trust BRANZ for superior advice and technical expertise, when specifying GAF superior products you can trust. GAF also stands for true peace of mind unequalled in the roofing industry.

Why? Because New Zealand can produce some of the worlds harshest climatic conditions, including coastal salt laden spray zones, with fierce winds gusting in excess of 250 kmh.

As a business our experience with GAF has been superb. With 20 years and more than 7,000 new roofs installed, not one of our Customers has activated their International Warranty. Another reason why you can trust GAF to deliver true peace of mind and superior performance, when its needed most.

When deciding upon your new roof ,  think GAF EverGuard TPO roofing systems.

Frequently asked questions.

How does EverGuard® TPO handle New Zealands UV light?

Yes, GAF’s EverGuard TPO out performs all competitors in heat and UV light exposure testing.

Where can I get a quote?

Sure, give us a call and we’ll connect you with a qualified contractor.

Can TPO replace my existing roof?

Of course, a fresh substrate will probably need to be installed. Best to call out a contractor to assess your roofing requirements.

What kind warranty does a new TPO roof have?

60 Mill TPO comes with 20 year product warranty, and 5 year contractors warranty.

Still have questions?
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