An advanced synthetic low-slope roofing membrane from the largest roofing manufacturer in North America – GAF

Everguard TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane that offers excellent performance, at a very cost-effective price. Heat-welded seams providing for superior strength. TPO’s fibre reinforced – long-term heat, UV, and natural fungal resistance, plus flexibility without need of plasticizers, all contribute to making TPO the most reliable low-slope roofing system ever.

UV resistance

2.5 times the industry standard


Rated for Extra high wind zones


Provide greater seam strength

30yr Warranty

With Everguard Extreme TPO

Waterproofing Solutions begin here:

EverGuard® TPO building roof

Flexible long-life residential and commercial waterproofing

Everguard TPO has extraordinarily high performance values, that allow for use on low-slope, flat roof and pitch roof applications.  Being a flexible membrane, Everguard can be applied to complex roof shapes, that include custom designed valley and gutter intersections. Everguard – the ideal membrane for complex applications on both designer residential roofs, decking and larger commercial factory applications.

Engineered for a long service life, with easy repair and excellent flexibility, Everguard TPO can bespoke the most difficult of design situations, while continuing to perform for many years in the most challenging of conditions.

The Everguard TPO membrane system, comes with a large inventory of supporting install accessories; featuring trafficable walkway treads for roof service and access, a full range of corner and roof penetration flashings / junctions and supported by GAF’s own colour-matched TPO bonded sheet aluminum; essential for creating custom metal flashings, such that Everguard can be easily heat welded, surface to surface – creating that near perfect, near seamless finish that is easy on the eye.

EverGuard® TPO valley and gutter

Perfect valley and gutter water diverting solution

Virtually every type of roofing system in New Zealand, including not only expansive commercial applications, but also smaller residential installs, have gutter discharge requirements.  Herein, Everguard provides for superior internal and external needs.

Generally, the most common requirement for a commercial gutter system, is for factory roofing requiring a long-life internal gutter membrane; ie rain water collection and or diversion.  Everguard Extreme TPO lends itself well to this requirement, not only for its smooth free flowing and natural fungal resistant surface, but also for its long service life.  Everguard Extreme comes with a pro-rated warranty offering up to 30-years performance, reducing the need to replace the gutter lining, well before having to replace the main roof.

EverGuard® TPO Deck Waterproofing

Reliable deck waterproofing, long life and easily maintained.

Modern residential buildings, often have decking applications that require a waterproofing membrane; with Everguard now becoming the popular go-to choice.  Not only because of its ease and speed of application, but also for its simplicity of weld-repair if needed, coupled with a very efficient draining surface, such that Everguard systems remain clean and free of fungal debris year round; a practicality that is advantageous over granular systems, whereby the decking membrane is overlaid with a trafficable surface, such as found with timber or ceramic tiles, mounted over supplementary under-jacks.

Flame-free Installation

All GAF Everguard TPO systems, have flame-free installation, greatly reducing the risk of fire common with many bituminous types of naked flame installs, such as torch-on. Understandably, many locations around the world are now banning ‘open flame’ welded systems on building sites, as insurance companies refuse to cover such projects given the very real and unnecessary risk of fire and especially so, of fire spread.
Modern engineered membranes such as Everguard TPO, utilise state of the art electric welding systems that provide a high degree of control and accuracy, while yet producing a clean welded seam up to 50mm wide. Welding tools consist of a hand welder for smaller applications and fine detail, and for those larger applications, a self-propelled robot welder, whereby an onboard computer controls not only the speed of the weld, but also the necessary welding temperature; creating a consistent seam for the entire length of roof .

EverGuard® TPO Quick Spray Adhesive

Quick Spray Adhesive
Sprayable, solvent-based contact adhesive.