Count on the advanced protection of EverGuard® TPO

EverGuard® TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofing is highly suited to New Zealand’s harsh conditions. EverGuard® TPO is extremely UV, heat and puncture resistant, with a reflective value of 0.72, meaning more durable and energy efficient! Its fully reinforced, highly flexible and has unmatched seam strength.

Ideal solution for:

  • Flat / low slope roofs

  • Box gutters

  • Potable water collection

  • Can be installed on concrete, plywood, PIR board

Everguard TPO For decking:

  • TPO is ideal for decking, however is not recommended for heavy foot traffic areas.

  • Floating decks using our pedestal jack system are well suited for areas with foot traffic, the system can accommodate large floating tile and timber decks.

EverGuard® TPO Key Features

Why  Home owners and Architects choose EverGuard® TPO single-ply membrane

EverGuard® TPO valley

Excellent solution for valley and gutter waterproofing.

EverGuard® TPO Residential application

Flat roofing and waterproofing decks

EverGuard® TPO Commercial application

Long life commercial roofing. Energy efficient due to its solar reflectivity.

EverGuard® TPO Quick Spray Adhesive

Sprayable, solvent-based contact adhesive.

EverGuard® TPO Accessories for every detail

A complete range of EverGuard TPO accessories are available for every situation, this provides accurate and clever finishing details for a complete roofing system including TPO bonded Aluminium flashings that is directly weldable and TPO aluminium scuppers- also weldable.