Get the advanced protection of EverGuard® TPO

EverGuard® TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofing is highly suited to New Zealand’s harsh conditions. EverGuard® TPO is extremely UV, heat and puncture resistant, with a reflective value of 0.72, meaning more durable and energy efficient! Comes in 3.05m x 30.5m rolls, is highly flexible and has unmatched seam strength. GAF EverGuard® TPO offers you overall exceptional value.

Ideal solution for:

  • Flat / low slope roofs

  • Box gutters

  • Potable water collection

  • Can be installed on concrete, plywood, PIR board

For decking:

  • TPO is ideal for decking, however is not recommended for heavy foot traffic areas.

  • Floating decks using our pedestal jack system are well suited for areas with foot traffic, the system can accommodate large floating tile and timber decks.

EverGuard® TPO Key Features

Why Businesses and Home Owners choose EverGuard® TPO

What were the results of the largest ever independent TPO Study?

GAF EverGuard® 60 mil TPO outperforms standard TPO roofing in heat aging and UV tests —the best predictors of TPO performance- Independent TPO Study proves EverGuard® TPO 60 mil Membrane is the best standard TPO roofing in accelerated aging. After accelerated heat aging at 275°F (135°C) for 112 days, EverGuard® TPO showed no cracking—while every one of the competitors’ samples had failed!- UV testing—Greater than 2.5 times the industry standard (ASTM D6878 weather resistance test.

Watch the short video or view the key findings and full study here

Longevity Testing

Summery of Accelerated Aging (Weathering and heat aging)

TPO Heat aging test results

Puncture Resistance

Thickness doesn’t necessarily equal higher puncture resistance


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Appraisal No 823 [2015] PDF

tpo-branz appraisal


CAD details, technical documents

TPO technical details, drawings, documents

Accessories for every detail

Field fabrication of TPO accessories is time-consuming, costly and inconsistent.
EverGuard® TPO prefabricated accessories deliver consistent quality, they can also boost productivity up to 200%, while reducing installed cost by up to 12%